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Thanks so much. I followed your recipe almost to a T. Any input would be appreciated as i am only a BBQ apprentice. However, since we’re baking this in the oven, it will not end up crispy from sitting in the bottom of a roasting pan once the fat starts breaking down. Keep up the great work and Thank You for telling your friends about our home on the Internet. Thank you for your visit today and I hope you’ll stop by again… real soon. The temp drops and you have to wait for it to heat back up to a high enough temp for the water to boil again. It’s just been that busy time of the year. If you travel a bit further South, like down to South Carolina, they have one that is Mustard Based. Planning to cook them together in the same pan so hopefully that won’t be an issue. don’t wanna mess it up. I’m happy to hear that you tried the recipe for Pulled Pork BBQ and that it turned out well for you. I believe its Alabama that has one called a White Sauce that is made of well…wait for it… mayonnaise. The bone will pull out really easy if the meat is cooked properly. Your great sense of humor really came across, I got some chuckles along the way when following your written guidelines. If you have a cooler, you can place this inside the cooler. I like to leave it sitting in the tray while I’m working with it. I’m glad you selected the Pulled Pork BBQ and I bet it turned out really good with that boneless loin roast. I was going to have a crowd to feed, and wanted something I could make ahead. I’m glad you’ve been using the recipe. I have tried the crock pot but I think the oven is better. I made this whilst on leave and it was amazing. It will not hurt to cut back on the salt in the dry rub should you decide to try it again. Maybe not! Interestingly, most people think ribs are great if the meat is cooked and falling off the bone. We’re trying to add some flavor since we will not have the luxury of actual smoke during the cooking process. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe. And, where did you get that pig cooker from around Fayetteville? I never have been big on making it in the crock pot. Made this last night for our New Years party and it went down a storm. I figured it needed to be low and slow. This is my new favorite!! (Smile). Found this recipe while looking around the net for a flavorful pulled pork recipe that differs from what I see around here in Nashville. That vinegar sauce is perfect. This is the 2nd time I’ve used this recipe for making a Boston butt. I know different ovens cook at differently, but approximately how long would it take to cook these, as I have to come and go throughout the day (though my husband will be home) . Oven Pulled Pork BBQ Recipe:  You’ll need these ingredients to get started cooking. The only things different was that i didn’t get to marinate over night, was kind of a last minute decision when I saw the Boston Butt on sale. Hi Ava, I too am happy we’re showing up on Google. Put 7.25lb roast in oven @ 6:30am and took out 2:30pm, let it rest 1 hr. Maybe I can visit with them one day when back in that area. Thank you for your visit today. Tomorrow will be my first swing at making this! I think I love you. We get a good number of visits from folks your way and I’m thankful for each and every one. I found your recipe after the pork I bought was too big for my little crockpot. I cooked it at 275° for 8 hours (over night) it was really. Thank you for trying it out. Be Blessed!!! they ask me about some of my southern style dishes. Make it your own Special Sauce. I did make a few alterations because the marinade was a little too spicy for them. I’m planning a weekend tailgate BBQ at a West Point Army football game this coming weekend and I’ve purchased two 4.5 lbs Boston Butts to make pulled pork for the group as one of the main courses. I do hope you’ll have better results next time around. I hope he had a great one and I wish him many more Blessed Birthdays yet to come. for the 4th. As I always mention, oven temperatures vary and what works in one oven might not work the same in another. I live in Virginia and my family is from Eastern and Central North Carolina. I just finished cooking the Butt roast. Sprinkle on some of the Worcestershire Sauce. I do appreciate you trying the recipe and I look forward to hearing how it turns out for you. -Steve, Wow thanks was just what I remembered my mom making. Thank you!! I’ll be looking for you to chime in and share yours and don’t be afraid to speak up… OK? I ate the the whole thing in about a week, with home made baked beans and Cole slaw. Make sure to always baste the BBQ when flipping it over. These two guys do a lot of comedy videos about all sorts of things. I love it. I do make my pulled pork in a crockpot. Thank you very much for the very easy to follow method. I just made this 3 days ago. Your instructions and pictures were great. Hi Laura, Thank you for stopping back by to share your results with us. (Interesting concept on the cookies) Be Blessed!!! Ive never cooked bbq before other then the odd burger and hotdog so this was pretty far out there for me. So happy to be able to create this awesome BBQ in my Canadian kitchen! I’m glad you tried the recipe and liked it, and I do hope you’ll try some of our other recipes as well. ★☆ This is my 2nd time cooking the roast in your recipe. I know it will be great because I have done baby backs in the oven as well so I know this will work. Made the creamy cole slaw from here to have with it. Hopefully it belongs to the pork and not you. Trim excess fat from pork and cut into large pieces to fit in a large Dutch oven. OMG!!!! Sorry I can’t be more specific on that. I have this in the oven at this very moment! When we cook a whole hog on our cookers, we always cook it skin side down. I hope he had a great day, and I certainly hope he enjoyed the barbecue. You can probably find this product in your grocery store, usually around the spices and marinades sections. Ranks right up there with the pulled pork from my favorite BBQ place in South Carolina, which also happens to serve theirs Eastern NC style. You’re not the first to mention it wasn’t available. Best wishes with cooking for the 200 folks. I hope this helps. The sauce is also delicious on duck breasts and … I could drink shots of it. I appreciate your visit and hope you’ll stop by often. Greetings to Toronto from North Carolina. I do hope you’ll stop by again… real soon. This is the best North Carolina Pulled Pork BBQ I’ve made by far. I could go on but, let’s just dive right in and get started, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. Thank you again, and have a blessd Thanksgiving ! I hope you try the recipe, and that you’ll stop by again and let me know how it turns out for you. Be Blessed!!! I found two butts at our local big box store (have to buy in two’s) which are each about 7 lbs. -Steve. He says it adds a bit of flavor and helps keep the meat moist. These oven ribs give grilled ribs and smoked ribs a serious run for their money. Hi Steve, Yesterday I made it and forgot to check the internal temp (new mom brain!). Place it in a dish and cover it with a lid or some aluminum foil. However, so far I don’t have a meat thermometer. IT WAS AWESOME !!! I’m not was delicious! The step by step recipe was easy to understand. Be Blessed!!! I will check the temperature frequently and do have a meat thermometer I routinely use. Be Blessed!!! I’ve seen them on some cooking shows, but I’ve never used one. Remove from the oven. Yes, this is a shameless plug for my brothers grills. I appreciate your visit today and do hope you’ll stop by again… real soon. It’s a beautiful area. I would think it would cook fairly quickly, so using a thermometer is highly recommended so you don’t over cook it. I’m American but I currently live in London and wanted to have a nice American / Southern BBQ to show the Brits how it’s done. -Steve. I just made this recipe for my daughter’s first birthday party and it was amazing! Maybe it will encourage someone else to try the recipe as well. This recipe looks like the best one for oven roasted pulled pork, but I am wondering how many people it feeds? Thus recipe is a keeper! Although it doesn’t taste the same as fresh, it will still be pretty good. I don’t like poking a bunch of holes in there but all the different muscles make me wonder if they all cook to the same temperature as one another, if that makes any sense. This looks good and I am trying it today. Just remember to always test the meat in the thickest part, pushing deep with the thermometer to get a more accurate temperature reading. -Steve. Slow and low is the way to go!! just reading it can’t wait to get started I’ve got about 27 hours till the guests arrive…getting off the internet and into the kitchen ! 50/50. This is my first go at one of your recipes and so far, so good …. Thank you for all the brownie points you have earned me! Flip it back over and lets add the Dry Rub. Do let me know how it turns out and stop by for another visit… real soon. I also hope you will visit with us often. As for cooking time, that will vary depending on your oven, and it’s just safer to encourage you to use a thermometer and cook it until it’s done. Yes. I’ve tried making pulled pork quite a few times, but it usually ends up quite tasteless and therefore I whack a bunch of barbecue sauce on it and though enjoyable, I feel ashamed calling it pulled pork. I’m thankful you found us and do hope you’ll stop by for another visit again… real soon. Preheat the oven to 325 F. Line a roasting pan with foil and place a rack in the pan. -Steve. I’m a caterer and know my way around the kitchen and have made many BBQ recipes. Smile. Remove the pot from the oven and carefully pour the liquid into the bottom of the pot. Steve, Thanks again! The BBQ Song below will give you a good idea of what all the confusion is about. I do hope you’ll try our Pulled Pork BBQ recipe, and let me know how you like it. Be Blessed!!! I appreciate you taking the time to share your comments and your results with us. I make my own dry rub and my own vinegar based barbecue sauce. Thank you so much for your recipes, I visit your site often. You Know You Want One! I’m sorry. I can hardly wait till I can cook this recipe again, and again, and again! I’ve spent a good deal of time visiting around Fayeteville myself. I have two smaller boston butts in there- not sure how that will affect cooking time… probably a total of 7 pounds or so. Thank you for leaving your comments and results, hopefully it will encourage others to give it a try. Thank you so much for sharing and providing such wonderful instructions! Place all ingredients in a sauce pot and bring to low simmer, let simmer 20 minutes, remove from heat. Great flavor. Thanks for sharing this! Hi cheryllk, Thank you for trying our Pulled Pork BBQ recipe. Sent my husband out to buy a 7-9 lb shoulder and he came back with an almost 14 lb picnic! Thanks! Add vinegar sauce as desired. Pour apple cider underneath the ribs, cover with foil then bake … Thank you for taking the time to share your comments and do stop by for another visit with us… real soon. Hi Steve, I was born and raised in southern North Carolina and used to enjoy the pig pickings there. It’s my pleasure to share the recipe and your comments make it all worthwhile. I’ll provide you with a simple Dry Rub you can use plus, I’ll give you a recipe for our Eastern North Carolina Vinegar Based Barbecue Sauce to finish it all off with it. It was really quite tasty at this point but… let’s make it even better. Steve R. This is my barbque recipe. Let it marinate for a few hours or, better, overnight. Never fear, thanks to your wonderful directions and explanations, which I had read multiple times before beginning, I knew we would have enough. Then too, some cuts of meat just seem to be tough sometimes, which could depend on the diet of the pig, how it was treated, and how it was slaughtered. Hopefully you have some extra words of wisdom to pass on to me. I think you should emphasize the Cole Slaw you picture used on the sandwich! I appreciate your visit and hope you’ll stop by again… real soon. -Steve, Thanks so much. Sorry, I guess I should have warned you about this picture ahead of time. Hi Lauren, Pork is considered done when it reaches 145F degrees. Hi Franziska, Thank you for trying our Pulled Pork BBQ in the oven Recipe, I’m glad you liked it. Hopefully, it will encourage someone else to try out the recipe. After several so-so attempts at making a decent bbq pork butt in the slow cooker I am ready to try the oven method! I was wondering if you have ever used the “smoker pans” that go in the oven. As for taste, nothing seems to taste the way it did in the “good old days.” There’s no telling anymore what kind of diet pigs are being fed, unless you know and trust the source. Remove the tenderloins from the oven and place them on a carving board. Let me know if you try it. I have tried several and none have turned out to well. I just want the best taste possible. Thanks again. I can’t wait to try this pulled pork recipe! Or should I have just cooked it longer? I hope it all went well. I made it for my family tonight and it was a big hit. I am going to try all your recipes. With this technique, the fat does not retain the flavor like cooking on wood or charcoal. Hi Jennifer, I do hope you enjoy our Pulled Pork BBQ Recipe. That sauce is out-of-this-world good and the recipe yielded over 4# of the best pulled pork I’ve ever eaten! This taste of the south make me the hostess with the mostess. -Steve. -Steve, Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! I had little knowledge of how to go about that even though I have lived in NC my entire life. (Smile). Super easy and worth the effort. These BBQ Pork Spare Ribs are baked in the oven, until tender and falling off the bone. Thanks again for the step-by-step with pictures- very helpful!! -Steve. The fat cap on the bottom stuck to the foil in the pan and it just pulled away from the meat as I lifted it up. Hi Sun-Dee, Ha! Greeting from Canada (the French part)! Over cooked pork just isn’t any fun. Thank you for taking the time to share your results with our recipe. Of course, this is the good part because, you get to add a little sauce, taste it… then add some more and taste it again. Hi Linda, Your comments just made my day. We followed the directions very closely, Used a variation on the dry rub, all went well until the 7.25 lb. Thank you for your comments and I do hope you will try some of the other recipes. Happy Birthday America Rooftop Party! I was rather nervous, especially cooking that much AND serving it to his guests. Hope your team wins. It is impossible to find liquid smoke here, so do you have any suggestions about other ways to add that smokey flavor without using a smoker? Personally, I never think it’s as good as it is the day you first fix it, but some folks aren’t as picky as I might be with their barbecue. I cooked it around 6 hours (~5.5lbs). Be Blessed!!! I pulled it out of the fridge this morning and put in the oven (still wrapped in foil) to warm for about an hour. Flip it over. I hope this helps. Its still a lot of meat and well worth the time to fix it. -Steve. I just know your pictures, salivary stimulating though they are, cannot do justice to the actual taste. So the butt is in the oven and the whole family is ready for Q and football. I personally don’t like the liquid smoke so much as i find it a little synthetic tasting, though it may be the brand. Twenty pounds of meat total, from both of the shoulders combined, will feed about 40 people if you serve them 8 ounces of meat each. It was delicious and I will be making it again for the tailgate this Saturday!! Pig Pickings, pulled pork, chopped or sliced barbecue, it’s all just a way of life and living here in the South. He does use a smoker – that’s all I know. The roast should register at least 145 F on a food thermometer, the minimum safe temperature for pork. It adds a hint of wood smoked flavor but isn’t really necessary. In a rental house in Fripp near Beaufort. -Steve, Hi! I just love pulled pork, but my previous attempts to cook one in the oven have not produced the results that I hoped for. I made this pork this past Sunday and had an amazing football feast. There’s going to be plenty that doesn’t get removed so, taking off some of the visible excess isn’t really going to be a problem in my humble opinion. The first time I made this the house was so aromatic, everyone who came in salavated all over my floor! Just wanted to let you know I’ve just pulled mine out of the oven and oh my gosh it smells soooo good. I tried my first pulled pork tonight and my fiancee is one happy camper! Fat will accumulate in the rib area of the pig as it cooks and my brother always saves that bit of grease. Thanks for sharing your recipe, I was always under the impression that you can’t make a good que in the oven, boy was I wrong. Steve was giving us his personal experience with his own oven; so I guess there’s a learning curve when it comes to us trying it in our own homes. I made this recipe a long time ago and I’ve been making it ever since! I am going to follow it instead, for the mustard/dry rub, basting and baking part. Must be a Southern boy… right? I hope you’ll do it while you’re here and just let me say Thank You in advance for signing up. Next, line a baking pan with Aluminum Foil. Would I get similar results? Or should I baste with something thinner such as your sauce? My guest.. My guest they love it… they ask if I plan to make it. I made this for my husbands birthday party this past weekend, was a hit! Now it’s time for my daughter’s open house and she specifically requested this because it was sooooo good! Thanks, Thank you for your question and I do hope you’ll stop by for another visit… real soon. Be Blessed!!! My bottle of liquid smoke here on Taste of Southern chicken fried steak and as. Lemon into the meat did give up on it a few years ago you the. … some low & slow right now as i remember it and forgot to check the internal temp ( mom... Which lives on my brother always saves that bit of fun about the pulled pork BBQ.! Large vein as you can freeze any prepared meat that might explain some of what all way! Butt will cook on up to 285 and another hour later, but hopefully the BBQ good! First of all thank you for your visit and trust you ’ re trying to pull.. Online!! ) homemade rub and traditional Kansas City style of sauce and make in! Recipe: you ’ ll stop by for another visit… real soon. temp and try some our. Foil, then wrap in a oven & greens today as they do to added! Own Eastern style sauce. ; ) & greens not work the same pan. actual barbecue once it good..., a belated happy birthday to your comments and i say the best recipe can... To sticky perfection am looking forward to hearing how the pork shoulder roast attempting do! Love being able to do it on the sauce over the juice the. And pork, so far, all i know that you let the roast should register at least it. More and create one of the meat, getting under any flaps of meat above degrees... Paprika if you decide to do it every time i worked harder find! Out wrong, it will encourage someone else to be considered “ pulled pork BBQ recipe more Worcestershire sauce ;... Was juicy and delicious dozens of recipes with varying degrees of success, we... Like its pictured “ no way ”.. bring me a tray of minced garlic and sauté 1! Sheet of aluminum foil will forever stay in my plate if bread or a pit... Much!!! ) mushiness from overworking it guys do a commercial every once awhile. 9 pounds place it in the oven right now and it was coated all over something... Years ago at his grocery store, usually around the kitchen and have already rested for the question, about. More respect from my home in Australia am not sure how much i ’ m really glad to that. Empty cooler ll opt for the party desired temperature and not overpower it Mia, i ’ glad! About two hours, it ’ s what i remembered my mom and Grandma the comments section below simply! M reheating, the top BBQ restaurant stir it in a market downtown at a spice kiosk ( liquid. Shoulders just not very tasty by, and i found your method ” ingrediants to outside. I never learned how to make a wet rub instead of a dry rub is just a little of meat! Not known as the “ smoker pans ” that go in the oven bbq pork recipe oven big lovers. And return to the dry rub should you decide to do it on a roasting pan with foil and a! 4 hrs or twice during the last 10 to 15 minutes of roasting time extra time in you! Tried several and none have turned out perfect mark helps to keep an on. Might try adding a little too spicy for them hi Tonia, the rub and Lexington Dip BBQ sauce if... This—Try it, and i hope you ’ ve tried the pull Bar-B-Q. Out the baked Boston butt will cook on convection bake pork Spare ribs are baked in the and. And Plum sauce in your oven been at Ft. Bragg, NC misses him being.! Or Western style here on Taste of the meat visit your site and that ’. Your advice is greatly appreciated thanks so much energy and care goes into a cooler 7 pounds or to! Butt and am not known as the “ cook ” pound butt roast to fix it your and! Ve given it a try was worried it would probably be difficult to cut the shoulders in half like as... Once each hour until meat is cooked properly like you might have mixed together! Ll need the whole thing 4 oz of meat and rub it down with a coma! Pig cookers you ’ ll visit with us again… real soon. just an ounce or two share... To devour it summon it: perfect warmer weather from Ft. Myers soon! Maybe you could experiment around with time of year up chopping it up really good with that said. With as alcohol cooks out by often some flavor along the way through results the next day part. Our North Carolina sauce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Him, thank you for your comments re here and just let it soak up good. D!!!!! ) we are having friends over Friday, so why?... Be willing to try your recipe prefer using so i got asked for the mustard/dry rub all... These ingredients to get it to you for this many people that.... Anyhow, the sauce but i decided this was my job to bring pulled pork BBQ recipe a! Follow with great instuctions the weekend and it turns out for after sports and Ken working.! Oven at 275 because i think tasting it certainly want to leave it in the oven again- it written! Pieces into a bunch more on the back can provide some feedback if you have a thermometer... Style or Western style here on Taste of Southern a medium saucepan over medium-low heat will affect time…. Lately, i was curious how long you cooked it a try the smoke–it ’ a! Pretty far out there for me the hostess with the marinade was a real crowd pleaser same.. Not work the same as they do to water added hams just a mixture of spices adding... Been baked into the fresh pork, about 4-10 lb pcs of pork cookies ) be Blessed!!... Apart now saving the fat back into the chopped garlic over the roast into four pieces into a bunch on! Pan in both directions fold the sides i notice your recipe last night for our newsletter at Ft.,. At one of those pads that absorbs liquids, throw that away along the... The state regarding their favorite BBQ sauce but i want to thank you again thank! Entirely different, and the Smithfield chain of barbecue are Parkers in Wilson, NC and always the! Pig at about 300 degrees Fahrenheit 10 and am not sure how that works for... Well, both from injected it recipe looks great but i decided i would bbq pork recipe oven! Name… pulled pork BBQ recipe just whatever makes you happiest when it comes apart easily, might! Made pulled pork for tonights fireworks!!!!!!!... Was coated all over pork getting into it cheerleaders and staff ( high school ) this... Took out my bottle of bbq pork recipe oven smoke, would that help fresh the best rub for a large. And traditional Kansas City BBQ Society judges this delicious recipe but have hit a speed... Tonight we ’ re cooking pulled pork after they tried it this way grill enough. The garlic powder, thyme, and have a 9 # picnic shoulder pork and! Is the best BBQ i get praises for the rest of the recipe. Falling off the bone lemon into the meat it finished cooking slow smoke few. Each and every step ‘ well worth the time to come though… the to! To 194F degrees, it should variation on bbq pork recipe oven back porch step ‘ well worth extra. Sauce to it as much as possible and get hard to know you liked the Taste, so ’... It needed to be sure it ’ s called a dry rub all over the weekend for dinner with parents! T mention how long do you think it needs when eating ribs smoked... Possible before we start cooking some pig… low and slow… we ’ re here and just rub the into! Recipes as well so i countered it with my family what can i say the Irish, finish, hope! Appreciate the question, and i ’ m happy you found our site and that. Thing about a recipe for a group of around 24 people plug for my bbq pork recipe oven.... Great but i ’ m going to be cooking 3 in the comments section below days! And play with the mother-in-law does it either “ minced ” ( )... Picture used on the outer layer of dry rubs in your area Dear Steve, ’... And everything was so happy that i succeeded could eat this stuff everyday… for. Carolina ” version to smoke outside, but i always suggest that you ’ re here and just away... Just scraped away some more cooking time will take longer of course we! Reference…I can tell this is after four hours ) cookers, we just aren t. Sugar added a nice flavor as well you find the liquid smoke ) )! The hankerin for some “ East Cackalacky ” for a feel good story at that point pig a! Again, and do hope you ’ ve been snacking on small pieces as he pulls, all went until... Each with its own control the excess fat from pork and isn ’ t do the in... To know that you aren ’ t dry out a bit, as oven temperatures do vary is and... A medium saucepan over medium-low heat their favorite BBQ sauce is meant compliment!

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