advantages of xml in android

One of the most important reasons is that it's containing a safe structure of data and you know what are you going to send and receive. Advantages & Disadvantages of XML Advantage 3 – Binary Representation: XML can store binary data. Supports multilingual documents and Unicode The parsing of XML data is often done with a SAX-style parser. Note that this is just a simple text string – no HTML formatting going on here, just to change things up a bit. Invokes the parser and displays the results in a. This invokes the examineJSONFile() method, in Listing 11. In order to preserve the advantages of xml and solve the performance problems it brings, we developed the X2C solution. How can percents make code sick? How to prevent the water from hitting me while sitting on toilet? This is similar to the ASCII FTPmode with which most are familiar. In addition, the XML format offers the following enhancements: 1. ➨It allows business documents to be viewed in a browser. It contains full copies of the XML and JSON data feeds and gives the user the option of parsing either one. Advantage 6 – Platform Agnostic: A major benefit of XML is that it is platform independent. The object’s elements are separated by commas, and each object is contained within curly braces {}. The XML files are integrated into the resource framework, this mean that you can easily specify different layouts for different screen sizes (and densities, languages,...) . Android Strings XML Tips & Tricks . Android Internal Storage Example Code. Today’s Microsoft Office documents are PKZIP-compatible files containing multiple XML documents. Now, drag ScrollView from palette to activity_main.xml file and place some palette element inside it. Xml as itself is well readable both by human and machine. It tells the tools what language is used inside a file. Here is a sample response from a hypothetical application responding to a query (http://

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