lithium battery mosfet regulator rectifier

Rick's Motorsport Electrics offers their Hot Shot Aftermarket Lithium Ion Compatable Rectifier Regulator for Ducati models with OE# 540.4.019.1A and 540.4.027.1A. An internal low-dropout linear regulator provides power for the internal reference and circuitry as well as the gate drive for the N-channel synchronous rectifier. The MAX1640/MAX1641 are available in space-saving, 16-pin narrow QSOP packages. Review Subject … Details. Add to Cart. Lambretta - Lighting Regulator / Battery Charging Rectifier Box. *All item pictures are accurate, if in doubt do not hesitate and compare our item to your original part. Length: 114 mm  Straight from Shindengen these are the Best selling upgrade R/Rs on the planet. [CDATA[// >