bulletproof vest uk law

This police vest carrier incorporates fully integrated communication technology, including a smart on-body camera, and has a professional profile that allows the ballistic vest to be worn over police uniforms. Concealable body armor vests are designed to protect the users torso from pistol and handgun fire while remaining inconspicuous to others. The BulletSafe Tactical Bulletproof Vest is no exception. This page is specifically about our bullet protection vests, sometimes referred to as “bulletproof vests”. Our armour is commonly referred to as a “stab vest” or “bullet proof vest” as those terms are more known to … Level II or IIIa ballistic protection is available unobtrusively, comfortably, and discreetly. A front opening bullet proof vest, a type much favoured by Police Forces in the UK. Fortress Armour is a UK supplier of body armour and ballistic protection products. For added safety, the front protective panel forms a single piece across the front of the body armour. Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Gen. Debold Sinas said the police force planned to acquire more bulletproof vests to help officers in their conduct of anti-crime operations. Our high-quality bulletproof ballistic panels are available in a wide range of carriers. This 2 in 1 vest includes a concealable bulletproof vest as well as a tactical bulletproof vest complete with Molle webbing and NIJ Level IIIA + protection. A law enforcement favorite is the Elbeco BodyShield External Vest Carrier. A proper external vest carrier makes standard tactical vests look more like shirts and they usually come with extra internal pockets for inserting additional ballistic plates. Bullet Proof Vests. Stab-proof vests are legal and cheaper but if you are serious about buying a bullet-proof vest you should check with your local police station. In the United States it is legal to purchase and possess body armour, apart from a few exceptions: VestGuard UK Ltd Body Armour Vest Hard Armour Plate Ballistic Helmet Military Police Law Enforcement Humanitarian Maritime Security Press Media Personal Protection Equipment Home Office NIJ Tested. The BulleSafe vest comes in at a great price and is affordable to many but doesn’t sacrifice quality. Ballistic protection levels: an updated set of ballistic protection levels with test rounds reflecting the current operational requirements of UK law enforcement. “For years, we have been acquiring police equipment that would be used by our personnel in the field while fulfilling their duties as law enforcers. The first thing to say is that there is no such thing as a bullet-proof vest. It's not illegal to possess one but it is illegal to buy or sell one because they could be used by criminals. In the European Union, ballistic protection that is considered ‘for main military usage’ is forbidden to civilians. Christmas Update and Last Posting Date. Different styles of law enforcement plate carriers are required for the variety of uniforms that law enforcement must wear. All our armor is made here in the UK and is fully tested and certified by the UK Home Office. The unit is fully adjustable at the sides / shoulders and is designed as far as possible to avoid riding up when the wearer is seated in a vehicle. In the UK there are currently no restrictions on purchasing and owning body armour. LONDON teenagers are now buying stab-proof and bullet-proof vests to protect themselves in the streets as violence continues to spiral in the capital, a crime charity has warned. These bulletproof vests are typically worn under the uniform allowing the end user to stay protected while maintaining a professional appearance.

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