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Also discussed example on MySQL COUNT() function, COUNT() with logical operator and COUNT() using multiple tables. Suppose that we have created a table "users" and want to count, how many users are inserted in the table. In the examples in this lesson it is used the "sites" table, created in the previous lesson, having these 3 rows: fetch() returns the each row in the result set, one after another, or FALSE if there no more row. The mysqli_query() function accepts a string value representing a query as one of the parameters and, executes/performs the given query on the database. What instruction selects all the

tags with class="cls"? So in this Connect PHP to MYSQL and fetch data tutorial we are going to create a PHP file that connects the company database created in last tutorial and fetch information from it and pass information into it. You can pass MYSQLI_USE_RESULT or MYSQLI_STORE_RESULT as values to … To fetch data from a result set: Fetch data from a result set by calling one of the following fetch methods: To return a single row from a result set as an array or object, call the PDOStatement::fetch method. $result = $conn->query($sql);             ; To return all of the rows from the result set as an array of arrays or objects, call the PDOStatement::fetchAll method. 1. //-->fetch()) { // ... } The FETCH_ASSOC means that the fetch() method will return an array indexed by column name.. Third, we collected data inside the while-loop and returned the result as an associative array of projects. [CDATA[// >setFetchMode (PDO::FETCH_OBJ);             result_identifier. TIP: Performance Tuning with the COUNT Function. An InterBase result identifier. ]]>, , , Sourcecodester,

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